14 Uses For Shredded Paper Around The House

Have you ever wondered what to do with shredded paper? Well you might be surprised to discover how many uses it has. Check out our list of the many uses for shredded paper below…

14 uses for shredded paper that are better than throwing it out

I thought we were supposed to be becoming a paperless society? You could have fooled me.

Every day the mailbox is stuffed with bills, supermarket fliers, advertisements, and other junk mail.

And if you’re at all concerned about identify theft (if not, you should be) then you should be shredding all that paper before tossing it in the trash where a dumpster diver can find it.

But what are you supposed to do with all of that paper once its shredded?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

14 Cool Uses For Shredded Paper

1. Use it as packing material when sending items through the mail. This will help reduce your shipping costs when you sell items on eBay.

2. Use it as a replacement for tissue paper at the bottom of gift bags.

3. Like grilling? You can use shredded paper to start a fire in your charcoal chimney starter.

4. It works great as kindling in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

5. Running low on cat litter? Add some shredded paper to help stretch it out until you can get to the store.

6. Use it as bedding for small animals like hamsters or rabbits.

7. Use it to pack away delicate items like holiday decorations or old china before storing it away.

8. Speaking of holidays, shredded paper makes a great replacement for that plastic artificial grass that goes in your children’s Easter basket.

9. Add it to your garden or compost bin.

10. Mix it into potting soil for house plants.

11. Use it with mulch around flowers, trees, shrubs, and fruit plants. Just add a layer of shredded paper first and wet it down a bit so it doesn’t blow away. Newspapers work best, stay away from glossy pages that won’t break down easily. Then top it off with a thin layer of mulch. You still get great curb appeal but only need to buy a fraction of the mulch.

12. Use shredded paper as a stuffing material to make your own scarecrow or decorations.

13. Get creative and make some shredded paper art. Check out this neat project I found on Pinterest.

14. Use it to make your own homemade paper. It’s a fun project to do with the kids and it comes out looking like ancient parchment. Here’s an easy to follow tutorial…

What did we miss? Do you have any uses for shredded paper that we didn’t mention?

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