How To Get Free Money – 10 Ways To Get Cash Today!

how to get free money

Looking for some quick cash??

Yea, you can search your couch cushions for loose change or crack open your kid’s piggy bank…or just read our tips on how to get free money below.

These are all completely legit and simple as hell. Check them out and start making easy money today.

Swagbucks – $5 just for signing up

Swagbucks is one of my favorite ways to earn free money.  When you sign up you’ll receive a $5 bonus just for trying it out.

(HINT – That’s enough for a free $5 Amazon card right off the bat!)

You’ll earn more points just by taking short surveys, playing games, and searching the web.

But my favorite way to earn points is by watching short videos and movie trailers while I work out on the treadmill. I get a good workout and make some extra money while I’m at it!

Each point is worth a penny and you can trade them in for cash via PayPal or gift cards to popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks, iTunes, and many more.

I earn an average of $30 to $50 every month using Swagbucks, which makes it my top recommendation to anyone looking for an easy side hustle.

Sign up at Swagbucks and get your free $5 today.

Ibotta – $10 Free Money Just For Signing Up

Do you like to eat food?

Cool!  Me too!

Ibotta is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that gives you cash back on your purchases at supermarkets and other retailers.

Before you hit the store, take two minutes to search for items on your shopping list in the app.

Eggs? Check. Ketchup? Check.  Captain Morgan Spiced Rum? Double-Check!

Add each item to your shopping list within the app. Then shop just like you normally would.

When you get home snap a picture of your store receipt and watch the rewards hit your account.

And Listen:

When you sign up with my special link here or enter referral code YKRYURS directly into the app and you’ll receive a $10 reward just for signing up!  Cha-Ching!

Rakuten – $10 Signup Bonus!

I can’t stand crowded mall parking lots and long lines at the store, so I do most of my shopping online. Online prices are usually cheaper than those in store anyway, but when I shop through Rakuten I save even more money.

Rakuten used to be called eBates. They’ve changed their name but they still offer cash back on purchases you make online.

You can use their portal to shop at thousands of online stores including Apple, Home Depot, Sur La Table, Land’s End, Macy’s and much, much more. Every purchase you make earns cash back which you can receive as a check or through PayPal.

Inbox Dollars – $5 Sigh Up Bonus

Inbox Dollars is very similar to Swagbucks. They pay you to take online surveys, watch videos, shop online, and discover new products.

But what makes Inbox Dollars different is that they’ll actually pay you just for reading email. Every day you’ll receive a handful of emails from them and when you click a link inside to confirm that you’ve read them you’ll get a case reward. Each email is only a few cents, but they add up quickly.

You may want to set up a separate email address so your main email doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Oh, and did I mention you get an instant $5 bonus just for signing up and creating your profile?

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Paid online surveys are a great way to earn extra cash while relaxing on your couch. Where else can you sit at home and get paid real money just for answering some questions?

Here are some of the best survey sites we’ve tried out for ourselves and consider worth joining:

Google Opinion Rewards

This is a neat little app you should definitely check out. Once you download it and allow it access to your location services, you’ll start to get super short surveys after you visit certain stores.

The surveys you get from Google Opinion Rewards only pay around 20 to 60 cents, but they only take about 30 seconds to complete. And once your balance reaches $2 it automatically sends you payment via Paypal.

You won’t make a ton, but it’s easy and completely free money.


Download the free Shopkick app and you’ll earn points called “kicks” by walking into stores, scanning bar codes of specific products, making purchases either in-store or online. Every 250 kicks you earn are worth $1, and you can then redeem them for cash or gift cards at popular places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Groupon and more.

Get Paid To Eat

Kinda sounds too good to be true right? Well I’ve been doing this side hustle for years.

Marketing research companies organize focus groups and taste tester jobs to get real opinions about their products from actual consumers like you and me. You won’t make a ton of money, but any day you can get paid $60 to eat french fries is pretty good!

To find research studies near you, try searching Google or check out the list of 15 legit taste tester jobs we put together.

Find Missing Money

You may have money that belongs to you out there and you don’t even realize it. Uncashed checks, insurance policies, old 401(k) accounts, IRAs, stock dividends, utility deposits, escrow accounts, and safe deposit boxes are just a few sources of forgotten money sitting around unclaimed. You can search Missing Money to see if you have any forgotten cash floating around.


Do you do a lot of driving? Wrapify will pay you to place advertising on your car. Just download their app and start driving your normal commute to start qualifying for campaigns and receiving offers.

Once you’re matched to a campaign, Wrapify will wrap your car so you can start getting paid just for the driving you already do.

A Brief Word About Free Money Scams

You probably found this article by searching for “how to get free money” or something similar. We’ve done our best to weed out all the garbage and scams, giving you just the best and most legitimate ways to get free money we could find.

But let’s be honest here. There are lots of scammers out there who will do anything they can to trick you, and the promise of free money makes good bait.

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • If a site asks you to pay upfront fees in order to make money, stay away.
  • Be careful when sharing personal information. Don’t just hand over your Social Security number to anyone.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate paid survey sites will never promise that you will be able to quit your full-time job to take surveys. They are great as a side hustle for earning extra cash, but you won’t get rich taking them.

Ask yourself, why is this company willing to give me free money?

If a company offers a sign up bonus, they’re doing it to attract new customers. Survey companies are paying for your feedback and opinions.

There’s always a trade off in either time or money. You just need to decide which of these money making opportunities is best for you.

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